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Mar 01, 2017

Waxing your car the right way

Waxing your car the right wayWaxing your car the right way

Waxing your car frequently will certainly keep the car’s paint in a good state and also elongate its life. N a similar note, waxing and buffing can help you save money over the long run as you won’t need to frequently repaint the car.

Requirements for the task

You’ll need the following stuff to carry out the task –

  • Electrical orbital buffer or a high-speed angle grinder with buffing wheel
  • Buffing pads and compound
  • Car fiber, polish and microfiber cloth in a kit

A high-speed angler certainly provides the best result but does require practice to master. You will have to careful to not damage the paint. The other option is to go with an orbital buffer, although it won’t be as effective as an angle grinder.


Take a handsome amount of the buffing compound and then apply it to the part that has scratched surface or is heavily weathered. Buffing works when a fine layer of paint is stripped away and the fresh paint exposed below it. Waxing the car just after the buffing process will offer protective properties of the actual clear coat.

Use the buffing pad to spread the compound, but ensure that it doesn’t splatter onto other surfaces. Do not get the compound on glass, rubber or chrome. Now, turn the buffer on and work in circular motions. Do not turn the buffer at an angle or put too much pressure as that will burn the surface paint and cause swirling. Work the areas till you get a bright gloss. The surface should then smooth and appear to be new.

If the paint happens to be in good condition, you will not need to use the buffing compound. You can use car polish in its stead and also less of it will cover more area. This way you must restore the paint.

Opt for buffing about once a year. However, if you happen to live close to a coastal area, you might to take buffing attempts more than just once a year. This occurs due to the high salt content in the air which causes the paint to oxidize at a faster rate. Also, if your car happens to be parked under trees, it will mostly be covered in bird droppings and tree sap. This damages paint, so you should carry out buffing more than once a year.


Now, you must apply the car wax with the help of a clean buffer pad. Spread it evenly by gently pulsing the trigger of the buffer. This ensures that the cake doesn’t cake on the surface. Cover a quarter of the panel before you remove the wax. Follow the directions given in the bottle as some waxes need to be removed after a certain time. Make use of the microfiber cloth for the removal of the wax. Use circular motions as that gives a high gloss. Repeat this process across the entire paint surface.

Waxing the car is necessary every three months. However, do not buff every time you opt for waxing.

The above process if followed will surely give your car a great look without you having to spend too much.

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