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Hailing from Malaysia and Taiwan, ABEX is a registered brand of auto spare parts that come under Parts Gallary ASP. The brand entered the market only in 2015 but has evolved well since then. The company presently offers five product lines and has plans to include several more portfolios in the near future. The company sources materials from many world-class IS/TS/QS certified manufacturers that offer high-quality products.

The company presently offers –


Why purchase ABEX spare parts?

ABEX is associated with certain qualities that make it an apt brand for customers.

  • ABEX offers amazing levels of quality
  • It offers great pricing for its products
  • The availability of its products isn’t a concern.

ABEX spare parts are best for Korean made cars.

ABEX in Dubai

Parts Gallary Auto Spare Parts Trading LLC is the supplier of genuine ABEX spare parts in Dubai. We have been the owner of the brand and stock all the spare parts of the brand.

There are a few reasons why Parts Gallary is your best option for ABEX supplies in Dubai.

Get ABEX OEM spare parts

Parts Gallary offers authentic ABEX spare parts in Dubai. As the owner of the brand, we are naturally the original equipment manufacturer for the sale of genuine and licensed spare parts.

All ABEX spare parts sold by us are truly original and we also provide warranty for these products. So, when you purchase from us, you know we will honor the warranty.


Get variety

ABEX spare parts, despite being a relatively new brand in the offing, has been in much demand. So, we are always well-stocked and ready for meet all sorts of market demands.

Parts Gallary is reliable in the spare parts market, no matter what you are looking for.

Get affordable right prices with us

Parts Gallary always guarantees the best prices for original ABEX spare parts in Dubai. We further guarantee that all products sold by us are competitive and in line with market trends.

Are you looking for OEM ABEX spare parts in Dubai? Contact Parts Gallary to know more.

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